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  Publications from the Working Group

Documents from the concluded Electronic Discussion Forum (2004-2005):

Reports of meetings, workshops and symposiums  :  Technical working papers and studies  :  Research findings and reports

Publications and Documents

Publications are part of the process of information exchange and publicity within the NFE movement. The Working Group on Non-Formal Education Newsletter has contributions relating to activities in several countries, as well as regional and international activities involving African countries. The group also circulates reports, technical papers and information documents. Papers and articles posted here are meant to stimulate debate, enrich research and possibly jump-start meaningful initiatives - with the explicit intention of promoting discussion. They are not a reflection of an academic standpoint of the ADEA WGNFE.

Newsletter, Publications, Studies and Reports



Reports of Meetings, Workshops and Symposiums

National Symposium on Non-Formal Education (Maputo, Mozambique, 12-14 June 2002).

ADEA Biennial Meeting: Papers contributed by the Working Group on Non-Formal Education (Arusha, Tanzania, 2001).

Pre-biennial Symposium on the Dynamics of Non-Formal Education (Johannesburg, South Africa, 1-4 December 1999).

Workshop on Diversifying Educational Delivery Systems ( Gaborone, Botswana, 23-26 June 1999)   top

Workshop on Capacity 2000 Plus: Competency-Based Community Skills Development (Namibia, 23-25 September 1997) 

Technical Working Papers and Studies

ABEL Studies (1997)

  1. Accelerated Literacy for Out-of-school Youth in Francophone West Africa

  2. Introducing Critical Reflective Thinking and Transformative Learning into Church Leadership Development Programs in East Africa

  3. Informal Educational Strategies for Skill Acquisition in West Africa: A Review of the Literature and of Recent Significant Research Results

  4. Patterns of Public-Private Sector Collaboration in the Promotion of Nonformal Education and Training: Ghana, Senegal and Burkina Faso

  5. Practical Applications of Koranic Learning in West Africa

  6. Skill Learning for Economic Success: Strategies of West African Women for Literacy and Numeracy Acquisition and Their Potential Replication

PADLOS Studies (1997-1998)

  1. Decentralization, Self-Governance and Local capacity Building in the Sahel

  2. Sleeping On Borrowed Mats: Instruments And Policies For Aid To Sahelian Development

Non-formal Education Systems in Eastern and Southern Africa, WGNFE ADEA Studies, 1997.

  1. Synthesis of ADEA WGNFE Studies   top

The Research Findings and Reports:

  1. Aitchison, John. A Review of Adult Basic Education and Training in South Africa

  2. Aitchison, John. Uncertain Outcomes: Pilot Study for an Investigation of the Effects on Teaching Practice of the Introduction of Outcomes-Based Education in Adult Basic Education: Two Independent Examinations Board Site Case Studies

  3. Kajlua, Peter Waalwo. Reaching Children Out of School in Uganda: A Case Study of Complementary Opportunity for Primary Education Programme (COPE)

  4. Magagula, Cisco. The Nature of Collaboration Between the Public, Private, and Non-Government Organisation Sectors in the Provision of Family Health Education in Swaziland

  5. Matsgalaga, Neddy Rita. Government, NGOs and International Donor Agencies Initiatives in the Provision of Basic Education to Rural Women in Zimbabwe: Systematic Collaboration or Separate Involvement? Lessons of Experience

  6. Maundu, John. Towards Meeting Local Training Requirements of Jua Kali Artisans in Kenya: Some Lessons of Experience

  7. Mpofu, Stanley Thembelani. Mature Age Entry Scheme: Survey of Policies, Practices, and Performances of Universities in Southern Africa

  8. Mukono, Tendai. Towards A Participatory Water Quality Management Programme: The Case of Cap Mine, Zimbabwe.

  9. Nyirenda, Juma. A Study into Collaboration for Increasing Coverage of the Provision of Adult Literacy in Botswana.

  10. Williams, Roy. Curriculum Development in Non-formal and Formal Education in South Africa: 1992-1997. A Lessons of Experience Study.

Papers focusing on overall policy and planning/management issues of NFE in relation to Formal Education:

Papers dwelling on NFE programmes, with emphasis on young people/out-of-school youth:

Papers dealing with NFE programmes and development for adults:


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