ADEA’s 2nd Medium-Term Strategic Plan (2013-2017)

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In the next five years ADEA will reinforce its comparative advantage in education development by implementing its second medium-term strategic plan (2013-2017) aimed at supporting Ministries of education to address major challenges in education, and implement a paradigm shift and reforms in education that were proposed to African Heads of State during the ADEA Triennale in 2012. Indeed, the main orientations of the Triennale are encompassed in five Strategic Objectives, namely to: (i) advance policies, strategies, practices, and programs that promote critical knowledge, skills, and qualifications; (ii) develop and promote African-led education and training solutions to address national and regional needs; (iii) foster greater utilization of relevant ICT to accelerate the transformation of education and training approaches and outcomes; (iv) leverage a diverse, sustainable partner network; and (v) strengthen organizational capacity and effectiveness. Each of these strategic objectives has accompanying strategic initiatives; a selected few have been included in box above.