Implementation of the 2012 Triennale Recommendations

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The 2012 Triennale recommendations are predicated on the assumptions and understanding that the ownership and responsibility for their implementation rests with each African country. The role of ADEA and its partners is to support the initiatives by each country in the implementation process. ADEA would also monitor the progress made in the implementation in policies, strategies and practices. In consequence, there is a need ab initiofor a common understanding in terms of recommendations, vision, critical skills and key levers of change. Furthermore, there is a need for quick wins or results in the implementation of recommendations because success will enable African governments to project themselves beyond 2015. The expectations of stakeholders are high. It is precisely for this reason that ADEA’s Medium-Term Strategic Plan (MTSP 2013-2017) would start with selected countries as champions. Their success will have a pulling effect on other countries. The present political environment is conducive to and supportive of the change in direction in education. High level political leaders (4 African Heads of State and over 50 Ministers) endorsed the recommendations of the Triennale and committed themselves to a follow-through of the recommendations with other African Heads of State.