Who's Who?


Acting Officer for Executive Secretary

Shem Okore Bodo
Acting Executive Secretary
Tel: +225 2026 4262

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Aida Mademe Sylla
Senior Secretary
Tel: +225 2026 5674

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Programs / Knowledge Management

Raky Gassama-Coly
Knowledge Management Officer
Tel: +225 2026 1207

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Mamy R. Razafimahatratra
Knowledge Management Assistant
Tel: +225 2026 1898

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Communication / External Relations and Strategic Partnerships

Stefano De Cupis
Senior Communication Officer
Tel: +225 2026 4261

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Finance and Budget / Human Resources and Administration

Foday Kargbo
Senior Finance and Budget Officer
Tel: +225 2026 4275

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Aloise Prosper Faye
Human Resources and Administration Officer
Tel: +225 2026 3964

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Dadaud Steve Koissy-Kpein
Finance Assistant

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Working Groups

Working Group on Books and Learning Materials (WGBLM)

Aliou Sow
WGBLM Focal Point

▸ See Aliou's biograpgy

Lily Nyariki
WGBLM Focal Point

▸ See Lily's biography

Working Group on Communication for Education and Development (WGCOMED)

Stefano De Cupis
Senior Communication Officer

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Working Group on Higher Education (WGHE)

Nodumo Dhlamini
WGHE Coordinator

▸ See Nodumo's biography

Working Group on Education Management and Policy Support (WGEMPS)

Makha Ndao
WGEMPS Coordinator

▸ See Makha's biography

Working Group on Non Formal Education (WGNFE)

Youssouf Ario Maiga
WGNFE Focal Point

▸ See Youssouf's biography

Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE)

Hendrina Doroba
FAWE Executive Director

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Inter-Country Quality Nodes

Inter-Country Quality Node on Early Childhood Development (ICQN-ECD)

Maya Soonarane
ICQN-ECD Representative
Tel: +230 601 5224

Inter-Country Quality Node on Literacy and National Languages (ICQN-LNL)

Rémy Habou
ICQN-LNL Coordinator
Tel: +226 25 37 52 91

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Inter-Country Quality Node on Mathematics and Sciences Education (ICQN-MSE)

Mary Wakhaya Sichangi
ICQN-MSE Coordinator
Tel: +254 780 797 648

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Inter-Country Quality Node on Peace Education (ICQN-PE)

Charles Gitau Mwaniki
ICQN-PE Coordinator
Tel: +254 72 178 48 72

▸ See Charles' biography

Inter-Country Quality Node on Teaching and Learning (ICQN-TL)

Michael Tusiime Rwibasira
ICQN-TL Coordinator

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Inter-Country Quality Node on Technical and Vocational Skills Development (ICQN-TVSD)

Amara Kamaté
ICQN-TVSD Coordinator
Tel: +225 20 33 54 77

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