Sub-Regional Conference on Integration of ICT in Education: Issues and Challenges in West Africa

26 Jul 2004 to 30 Jul 2004


At its meeting in April 2002, the ADEA Bureau of African ministers listed harnessing of ICT for educational purposes as a priority requiring a ministerial sub-regional Conference.

The Challenges

The challenges facing African countries include, among others, the following:

  1. How to define and specify measurable goals and objectives for the ICT sector and ICT applications in the education sector;
  2. How to create the necessary institutional structure to develop and steer a vision or national policy for educational development using ICT;
  3. How to create and sustain technical and pedagogical expertise in ICT-related areas in education;
  4. How to set-up partnership mechanisms for cost-sharing between the state, donors and civil society actors in order to ensure that all key stakeholders contribute to and are actively involved in policy formulation, implementation, and review;
  5. How to respond to challenges related to rapidly evolving technological and socio-economic environments

Objectives of Meeting

The main objectives of this meeting was to:

  1. Promote the use of ICT in education by showing the limits of traditional school/campus-based education in expanding enrolments and providing quality education in a cost-effective manner, and of the need to turn to alternative delivery methods using ICT
  2. Facilitate the exchange of experiences in the use of ICT in education among African countries
  3. Provide the ministers with the concepts and tools for formulating viable national ICT and DEOL policies

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