Training Seminar in Policy Dialogue in Education for the Portuguese-speaking and Spanish-speaking Countries

29 Nov 2004 to 4 Dec 2004

The seminar

The seminars was organised using an inter-training approach that draws on active/participatory methods to mobilise the pre-existing knowledge and experience of the participants.

The knowledge and tools developed by the ADEA working groups and other activities was put to use, in particular the Working Group on education sector analysis and the Working Group on communication for education and development (COMED). The IBE and the World Bank Institute, which organised three training seminars on policy dialogue in 2003 in cooperation with the ADEA, was also share their expertise.

The goals of the training seminar

  • To strengthen skills in coordination, negotiation and communication so as to improve management and strengthen policy dialogue among a variety of players (teachers unions, student unions, parent associations, NGOs, community associations, etc.)
  • To develop a common understanding at the national level and among the ministerial teams of the issues and challenges facing education in Africa today, by highlighting the importance of a sector-based analysis for the implementation of reform and as a tool to facilitate dialogue about programs and projects.
  • To exchange international experience and understanding in the field of policy dialogue in order to share approaches and strategies and to help develop a toolbox for the use of personnel in the education ministries. 


  1. A vision of the main issues in education 
  2. Clarification of policy dialogue and its usefulness in the context of educational development and reform
  3. A better understanding of the needs of the education ministries with regard to policy dialogue
  4. Mastery of the essential tools and concepts that underlie good policy dialogue
  5. A common basis for initiating the development of a toolbox for the ministries of education


The following countries have been invited to take part in the seminar: Angola, Cap Vert, Guinée Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, and Saõ Tomé and Principe. 

Each delegation was consist of a ministerial team that is itself composed of key players in the development and implementation of educational policy and reforms. The ADEA has invited for each delegation: The minister of education; The director of planning; The head of communications; The person in charge of negotiations and relations with the teachers unions. 


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