ADEA Triennale Follow-up on Smartphone

The application "ADEA Triennale Follow-up on Smartphone" was developed to allow you to track in real-time information and knowledge on the follow up activities of the 2012 ADEA Triennale which was held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The content of the application is based on that of "ADEA Triennale 2012 Follow-up Website" namely:
- News,
- Upcoming Events,
- Documents and Resources.

The application is designed for any smartphone using Android (Samsung, Sony, HTC, ...) or iOS (iPhone, iPod, ...). Before using the application, please follow the user’s guide which you can download in PDF format from the below links:

  Download the user's guide for Android                                                 Download the user's guide for iOS                    

Contact: ADEA Knowledge Management Team