Reports of ADEA Peer Reviews in Gabon, Mauritius and Nigeria

Gabon: For a quality education accessible to all

The findings of the Peer Review conducted in Gabon were used to draft two laws on the curriculum and to develop the Framework Law on Education, Higher Education, Research, and Training. Recommendations also facilitated the drafting of the Law on Education Planning and Finance.

Mauritius: 2000-2005 Educational reform

In Mauritius the Peer Review recommendations were used for the preparation of the Education and Human Resources Strategy Plan (2008-2020). They also helped to draft the “Bridging the Gap” project documents and the national curriculum reform project at pre-primary, primary and secondary levels.

Nigeria: Reaching out to the disadvantaged: Nomads, adults and children in difficult circumstances

The findings of the Peer Review in Nigeria were used to develop a curriculum for the integration of basic education subjects into Qu’ran and bilingual schools and to develop the curriculum for the  Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) for training of adult and non-formal education facilitators. The findings were also used for the adoption of new laws on adult and non-formal education in the State of Zamfara.