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This is a compilation of Knowledge and Resources in the ADEA Network. The sharing of Knowledge is an important strategic objective of the ADEA. The social capital of all of stakeholders in Education in Africa is developed through exchange of information and the sharing of knowledge within and outside the ADEA network. This section provides a wide range of articles, books, and documents that relate to the development of education and training produced and published in the ADEA network.

What Works and What's New in Education: Africa Speaks!


Proceedings of the ADEA Biennial Meeting
Johannesburg, South Africa
5-9 December 1999

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The Working Group on Education Research and Policy Analysis no longer exists. It was created in 1989 and dissolved in 2000.

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School Examinations*

Using Examinations to Improve Education: A Study in Fourteen African Countries
by Thomas Kellaghan and Vincent Greaney
The World Bank. 1992, Africa Technical Department: Technical Paper No. 165.Using Examinations to Improve Education

@ Female Participation in African Universities: Issues of Concern and Possible Action
By Masanja, V. et. Al.
FAWE 2001.
Also exists in French.

@ Sexual Harassment: A Case Study of the University of Natal, South Africa
By Simelane, N.
FAWE 2001.
Also exists in French.

@ Structural Changes and Equal Opportunity for All: A Case Study of the University of Dar es-Salaam
by Masanja, V.
FAWE 2001.
Also exists in French.

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This Working Group's program consists of several components: The Forum for African Women Educationists (FAWE), the African Academy of Sciences (AAS), Female Education in Mathematics and Science in Africa (FEMSA), the Partnership for Strategic Resource Planning in Africa (SRP), and the Alliance for Community Action on Female Education (ACAFE). Publications are listed by component.