7th ADEA-WGHE/AAU Webinar: Strategic Fundraising for African Higher Education


Like most of their counterparts elsewhere, universities in Africa struggle with obtaining adequate financial resources for daily operations, let alone for supporting innovation and growth. State-run institutions rely heavily on public funds and these can change dramatically in shifting political and economic winds. Private universities rely primarily on tuition and fees derived from students. Even in the U.S., universities with small endowments may see tuition accounting for 95% or more of their annual income. This is not sustainable. Successful tertiary institutions have found ways to diversify their income through grants and contacts, alumni contributions, partnerships with business, and with other strategies.

The purpose of this webinar is to inform participants about many of these strategies, with examples drawn from universities around the world.


The main objectives of the WGHE Webinar on Strategic Fundraising for Higher Education in Africa are to explore:

  1. The myths of fundraising.
  2. The major types and sources of funds for universities, aside student tuition and fees.
  3. The importance of collaboration and suggestions for successful fundraising.
  4. Examples of successful university fundraising: Africa, Asia, Europe, and United States.

Expected output

Participants will be able to describe at least three strategies of income generation that can be used by their institutions.


The deliverables of the WGHE webinar are: 

  1. Presentation on the on Strategic Fundraising for Higher Education in Africa.
  2. Interaction with various participants and stakeholders on the presentation. 
  3. Lessons learned from the presentation as well as questions and answer (Q/A) session.


Date: Thursday, 23rd February, 2017

Time: 14:00 GMT

Venue: Online (Adobe Connect Platform) 

Organizers: This Webinar is organized by the Association for Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) through its Working Group on Higher Education (WGHE), hosted by the Association of African Universities (AAU).

Target Audience: Webinars are open to all - most especially , Ministries of Education and Finance Directors, Vice Chancellors, Registrars, Directors of Finance and Internal Audits, Research and Development Units of African Universities and Institutions of Higher Education, Leaders and Finance Directorates of the African Centres of Excellence (ACE), Development Cooperation Partners, Non-Governmental Organizations, African Diaspora, Youth Organizations, and others.


  1. Register at www.aau.org/webinars
  2. Webinar will be livestreamed on: https://meet53484183.adobeconnect.com/wghetalks/
  3. Make sure you have Adobe flash player installed on your device (computer, smartphones etc.)

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Paul Ventura

Paul Ventura has worked in the field of higher education for 40 years, as a faculty member and administrator. He was recently the Dean of the School of Business at Marylhurst University, a small private university in the state of Oregon (USA), with the largest MBA in the state at the time. Prior to his seven-year period at Marylhurst, Paul spent 20 years with the School for International Training (SIT) Graduate Institute managing several international training programs and teaching courses in Sustainable Development and Organizational Management. Paul taught several courses in fundraising for graduate students and conducted training in fundraising for educational and nonprofit organizations in countries such as Bangladesh, Brazil, Ecuador and Romania. He also served as a consultant for several organizations such as the Vermont Community Foundation and the Trace Foundation. As the former Executive Director of a nonprofit organization he worked extensively with public and private donors, including businesses, government agencies and individuals.

Paul Yeghiayan

Paul Yeghaiyan is currently the Vice President of Development for the American University of Armenia. Paul has been an active fundraiser for several organizations, including serving as the Associate Director of Philanthropy for the U.S.-based NGO, Heifer International. He has considerable experience with a variety of strategies for individual giving efforts, from annual appeals to planned giving. He is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and is a certified Master Gift Officer from the Philanthropy Leadership Advancement Nexus (PLAN).