ADEA Newsletters

Published on a quarterly basis, the ADEA Newsletter is a vehicle for information on ADEA activities. Each issue has a specific focus and includes the latest information on the work of the ADEA Working Groups. In addition to the issues currently available online, there is a comprehensive index of the Newsletter for the years 1993 to 1997. These issues are available in print and can be ordered through the ADEA Secretariat.

Latest Issues

This issue of the ADEA Newsletter explores how we - the diverse community of the ADEA family, including government ministries, the education sector, international development agencies, civil society, the private sector and research actors - intend to work together to address the specific need for rapid and perhaps radical transformation of African education in particular and African economies as a whole.

Critical Skills to Boost Africa's sustainable development

Newsletter Archives

For Newsletter issues dating from 1993 to 1997, please consult the comprehensive ADEA Newsletter Index of articles by subject and country. The following Newsletter issues are available online:

Theme : EFA: Challenges and constraints.

Theme : Towards a new configuration of development aid.

Theme : Reaching Schools: where quality starts

Theme : Early Childhood Development in Africa.

Theme : Learn more about ADEA Working Groups

Theme : Reaching Out, Reaching All: Prepa.

Theme : Debt and Education in Africa

Theme : ADEA Working Group Activities in 2000