Programs and Activities

ADEA programs and activities are conducted by the Secretariat, the Working Groups, the Task Forces and the Inter-Country Quality Nodes.

ADEA's Working Groups (WG)

ADEA's working groups were created to devote more particular attention to relevant and topical issues for education in Africa. There are currently nine working groups:

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Inter-Country Quality Nodes (ICQN)

The inter-country quality nodes serve as catalysts for the accumulation of information on innovative educational experiences in Africa and for the implementation of the lessons that each country or group of countries draws from those experiences to improve their own programs. 

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Task Force on ICT

The ADEA Secretariat created the Task Force on ICT in late 2011. At the outset, the Task Force membership consisted of representatives of education ministries

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Biennales & Triennales

ADEA's Biennales & Triennales are the high point of the activities and life of the Association. The main objective of the meetings is to encourage and sustain frank and open discussions between African ministers of education, development agencies, and other education professionals.

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Ministerial Meetings and Conferences 

In response to needs expressed by the Bureau of African Ministers, ADEA organizes technical or sub-regional ministerial meetings on topics of common interest in order to foster greater cooperation between countries. ADEA organizes also major ministerial conferences on emerging themes on education.

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Publications & Resources

ADEA publishes a wide range of articles, books, papers and reports that relate to the development of education in Africa.

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Since its inception, ADEA has developed and maintained several databases for knowledge and information sharing.

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Intra-African Exchanges

Designed to promote the cross-fertilization of creative responses developed in Africa for specific problems facing education, the program of Intra-African Exchanges includes study visits, exchanges of expertise, and commissioned papers that describe successful experiences in education in Africa.

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Evaluation of ADEA in 2011

Universalia is pleased to present this report on the Evaluation of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) to the ADEA Secretariat.
The evaluation was conducted between mid-September and December 2010 and covered a five-year period from the 2005 evaluation to mid-2010. 
The purposes of the evaluation were to: review ADEA’s progress in responding to the recommendations of the 2005 evaluation; assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and relevance of ADEA and ADEA Working Groups (WG); carry out a mid-term review of the 2008-2012 Medium-Term Strategic Plan (MTSP) and assess the coherence of ADEA activities vis-à-vis the MTSP and the Action Plan of the African Union (AU) Second Decade of Education; compare ADEA with similar organizations; and make recommendations for the future of ADEA.

Final Report – Volume I
Draft Final Report - Volume II

Universalia Management Group, April 2011