ADEA produces and publishes a wide range of books, articles, and reports that relate to the development of education and training in Africa. The following information is available online:

▸ ADEA Publications

This section provide all the documents produced and published by ADEA. Many of these are available online, and others can be ordered from the ADEA.

▸ ADEA Policy Briefs

▸ ADEA Bulletins

▸ ADEA Newsletters

In order to keep the African education community and development agencies abreast of ADEA activities, the Secretariat publishes a quarterly ADEA Newsletter. Each issue focuses on a single topic, with special emphasis given to ADEA working group themes and activities. The ADEA Newsletter is published both in print and online.

▸ Catalogue of publications

The Online Catalogue of Publications (version 2014) is also available for download.