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About ERAA

Recognizing the critical role of education in social and economic development, and acknowledging the role of research in the formulation and implementation of educational policy and reforms, the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) and the African Development Bank’s focal point on capacity building - the African Development Institute (ADI/AfDB) - have agreed to partner in launching the Education Research in Africa Award (ERAA).

With initial financial support from the Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC), this award has the following broad objectives:

  • Strengthening the link between education research and education policy-making and practice in Africa
  • Encouraging and supporting Africa-based researchers and their institutions to produce and disseminate rigorous and relevant research that stimulates innovative policy-making for Africa;
  • Facilitating interaction between researchers and policy-makers in order to increase the use of research findings in policy formulation, implementation and evaluation.

Ultimately, the ERAA seeks to institutionalize a culture of high-quality, relevant educational research in African universities, research networks and institutes. It will do so by rewarding research on innovative education policy and practices in Africa. Indeed, it is in this area that one can find the most fertile entry points for the interface between research and decision-making.

The award is granted every year starting in 2012 and it is composed of four categories:

  1. Emerging Educational Researcher
  2. Accomplished Educational Researcher
  3. Outstanding Mentor of Educational Researchers
  4. Enabling Institutional Environment for Educational Research