Beijing Royal School

Amidst strong discussions, resolutions and recommendations at the high level policy conference which started on Monday 9 December, 2013, a number of exhibitions are also underway that showcase the place of ICT in Education.
From China, we have the Beijing Royal School which has displayed several artifacts, and is showing how the school connects to the rest of the world’s top education institutions to share education resources around the Globe, through the use of high-tech information, such as satellite and fiber-optical.
The Beijing Royal School started in 2003 after it received approval from Beijing Municipal Commission of Education in 2003. It is the first Chinese –foreigner cooperatively-run school in Beijing. 
The school has introduced Advanced Level (A –Level) curriculum in 2003 and the Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum in 2006 to provide the world’s advanced education and traditional Chinese strengths to students in China. The school’s mission is to deliver high-quality education that will foster students with integrated knowledge, international vision, and global capabilities and to  prepare students to pursue higher education  at leading universities around the world.
The School has a Distance Satellite Program which is smart system that comprises online previewing, interactive teaching, homework proofread, online review and self-test. The Beijing Royal School has also recently launched the Live and Interactive Course with North Carolina School of Science and Math, introducing US History (AP Course), to its students and delivering Chinese Culture and History too. The school has also been providing foreign-teacher-instructed oral English courses to Jinggangshan Middle School through satellite system, sharing international education with students in rural areas.
In addition, the Beijing Royal School provides opportunities for schools and education institutions who would like to open Chinese courses through the satellite system. 
The big question is : Can Africa benefit from this?