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0.01 General Synthesis: Critical knowledge, skills and qualifications for accelerated and sustainable development in Africa
By Mamadou Ndoye, Richard Walther
General Synthesis EN
General Synthesis FR
General Synthesis PT
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0.02 Introduction to key issues and findings of the ADEA 2012 Triennale: A reader’s digest
By ADEA Secretariat
Introduction EN
Introduction FR
0.1.1 Sub-theme 1: Common core skills for lifelong learning and sustainable development in Africa
By Wim Hoppers, Amina Yekhlef
Synthesis ST1 EN
Synthesis ST1 FR
Abstract EN
Abstract FR
0.1.2 Sub-theme 2: Lifelong technical and vocational skills development for sustainable socioeconomic growth in Africa
By George Afeti, Ayélé Léa Adubra
Synthesis ST2 EN
Synthesis ST2 FR
Abstract EN
Abstract FR
0.1.3 Sub-theme 3: Lifelong acquisition of scientific and technological knowledge and skills for Africa’s sustainable development in a globalized world
By Kabiru Kinyanjui, Khadija Khoudari
Synthesis ST3 EN
Synthesis ST3 FR
Abstract EN
Abstract FR