Sub-Theme 3
Sub-theme 3. Lifelong acquisition of scientific and technological knowledge and skills
for Africa’s sustainable development in a globalized world


3.1.01 – Impact of Recent Reforms in Science and Technology: A case of Kenya (Mwangi GITHIRU; James Mwangi KIBURI and David M. NGIGI)


3.3.01 – Regional Cooperation For Quality Assurance: The IUCEA/DAAD East African Quality Assurance Initiative (Katrin KOHLBECHER; Christoph HANSERT; Mike KURIA and Mayunga NKUNYA)

3.3.02 – Strengthening Linkages between Industry and the Productive Sector and Higher Education Institutions in Africa (Margaux BELAND; Teralynn LUDWICK and John SSEBUWUFU)

3.3.03 – Assessment of Southern African Development Community (SADC) Capacity to Implement International Agreements on Environment, Sustainable Development and Education  (Katrin KOHLBECHER; Tafadzwa MARANGE; Christopher MASARA; Mutizwa MUKUTE; Heila LOTZ-SISITKA and Tichaona PESANAYI)

3.3.04 – Offering relevant higher education qualifications in the context of globalisation: Discussing the concept of the ‘Centres of African Excellence’. A Background paper (Katrin KOHLBECHER ; Barbara DREXLER; Michael HÖRIG and Thomas SCHMIDT)


3.4.01 – Identifying the scientific and technological capabilities of the Maghreb countries; meeting the new challenges faced by the region (Hatem M’HENNI)

3.4.02 – Innovation, the key to sustainable development in Africa (Victor AGBEGNENOU; Gnamine AGAREM; Assimesso ALOUDA; N’Golo BOUARE; Hamidou BOLY; Mamadou DANSOKHO; Bruno ETO; Eric FABRE; Serge HETHUIN; Nnenna Déborah MKPA; Michael MWANGI; Okenwa ONYIEJE; Christian SALAUN; Mouhamadou SALL and Tiéba TRAORE)

3.4.03 – Which technology transfer model should Africa adopt? (Naima ABBADI)

 ADEA Working Groups

3.5.01 – Using ODL and ICT to Develop the Skills of The Difficult-To-Reach (Kaviraj S. SUKON; Dev K. BOOJIHAWON; Godson GATSHA and Shireen PANCHOO) 



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