Goal and main objectives of the ADEA-WGECD

The rationale for the WG/ECD is rooted in the recognition that the early years are crucial to the further development of a child. The WG is promoting and supporting the holistic development of young children on the S.S.A region by building bridges between different actors involved in ECD both regional and national level to facilitate a coherent and co-coordinated response to the challenges facing early childhood development around Africa.

The overall goal of the WG/ECD is: to ensure that the African child survives and thrives and has a good start in life.

Main Objectives are to function as a catalyst and facilitator to:

  • mobilize continuous political and public, support at regional and national level
  • motivate enhanced partnership building and networking,
  • facilitate research, capacity and knowledge building and exchange,
  • stimulate national policy review, development, implementation and monitoring.

ADEA Working group on early childhood development

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