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ADEA Newsletter Volume 11 Number 4
October-December 1999

Focus: Preparing for ADEA's 1999 Biennial Meeting

ADEA is actively preparing for its 1999 Biennial Meeting. The event - slated for December 5-9 - will take place in South Africa, in the vicinity of Johannesburg. This is the second time that ADEA will hold its Biennial Meeting in Africa. In 1997, the meeting was held in Dakar, Senegal.

The theme chosen this year is: "What Works and What's New in Education: Africa Speaks!". The main focus of the meeting is to bring to the fore policy responses, coming from within Africa, that have provided solutions to three major challenges facing education in Africa: access, quality and capacity development. All too often, reviews and analyses of education in Africa emphasize weaknesses and problems, rather than achievements. This meeting aims to break this negative approach by focusing on what works.

As an introduction to the Johannesburg meeting, this issue features several articles related to the event:

Report on Past Meetings

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