Call for Applications: Consultant Program Officer, SEAT Initiative, ADEA


The issues and challenges hampering progress in the secondary education sub-sector in Africa, identified by studies such as the one commissioned by the World Bank Group in 2006, remain valid today more than ten years later. Under the Secondary Education in Africa Today (SEAT) project, the MasterCard Foundation (MCF) is undertaking a study to "take stock of progress in expanding access to quality, relevant and inclusive secondary education in sub-Saharan Africa today, in order to identify new challenges and opportunities and chart way forward. The goal of this effort is to produce a flagship report that will help build consensus around key issues and objectives in secondary education, generate dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders to help advance these objectives, and make specific recommendations" (SEAT Concept Note, 2017). The study provides an opportunity for greater engagement with the youth and policymakers who are key education stakeholders. The findings of the study will further provide space for continuous dialogue as part of the validation process. The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) intends to leverage its demonstrated ability to access high level African policy makers, its large stakeholder’s platform and network of networks to support the SEAT project. As part of the youth engagement, the priorities of African youth for secondary education and training will be captured, as part of the research phase, and appropriate ways considered for their direct contribution to the outcome of the SEAT study. The expectation is that this will help bring coherence in youth participation in the study process and result. To ensure involvement and ownership of the findings, key African policymakers will be regularly updated on the progress of the study, and their inputs factored into the findings and recommendations. ADEA will also assist in the dissemination of Study Report to key education stakeholders to create greater awareness and reference to the study findings.

Scope of Assignment

Under the general supervision of the ADEA Executive Secretary, the Consultant will:

1. Engage African youth and policy makers in the SEAT study project through:

  • Hold side meetings during Youth event in Africa (e.g. 4th Africa-Europe 2017 Summit for Young Leaders);
  • Engage with existing youth networks (i.e. PIRJEFF & Youth Hub Africa, AU Youth Division, ECOWAS Youth Core, FAWE alumni, OIF youth program, Africa2.0 youth network, AfDB youth network and the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Youth Program) in focus group discussions during the October side meeting as well as at the AfDB Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Forum scheduled for February 2018 in Cairo, Egypt;
  • Prepare and undertake with MasterCard Foundation, Youth Network and ADEA Secretariat an online survey to solicit the views of the youth;
  • Form and manage a WhatsApp group for members of these youth networks for deeper discussions;
  • Facilitate an essay competition on this topic and offering of prizes for the best essays.
  • Prepare the draft report on youth views and priorities  to be reviewed by the Youth, ADEA Secretariat and MasterCard Foundation

2. Development of a Youth Blog:

  • Develop, design and operationalize a Youth Blog to solicit and capture the views and priorities of the African youth.

3. Youth Ambassadors:

  • Work closely with MCF to identify 5 Youth Ambassadors from the top prize winners of the essay competition and MCF’s Secondary Scholars program. The 5 ambassadors will also form a Strategic Advisory Group.
  • Work closely with ADEA to engage policy makers on the progress of the study, and seek their inputs into the findings and recommendations.
  • Prepare a draft reports on youth views and priorities and a report on the organization and engagement of Youth Ambassadors. 

4. Reports and Knowledge Sharing:

  • Work closely with ADEA Knowledge Management Team for the dissemination of  Study Report to key stakeholders

Expected Results: Deliverables

The main products of this assignment will be the following:

  1. Youth engagement: (1) Reports on youth views and priorities, (2) Report on the organization and engagement of Youth Ambassadors. 
  2. Engagement with policymakers: (1) Feedback from the African policy makers in 5 countries, (2) Ministerial feedback reports, (3) Validated study report.
  3. Dissemination of study report: (1) Feedback reports, (2) Report on the launch and level of dissemination

Consultant’s Profile

The consultant will be employed for the period of 12 months. Renewal of contract will depend on satisfactory performance and results. 

The Consultant must be bilingual and have a minimum of a Master’s degree with no less than 05 years of pertinent experience most of which must have been in Program Management in international organizations or blue chip companies.

The Consultant must have strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills.

Duty Station: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Submission of applications

Applications should be sent to no later than 22nd October 2017 at midnight (12:00 am) GMT.