WEBINAR: How did Finland transform into a great education country?

In the next KOULU Group's webinar, we would love to share with you how Finland turned things around and became the world-renowned education juggernaut of recent times. The public generally knows about Finland and its high standing in education rankings but there is not yet specific answers to HOW Finland made such a drastic change with great achievements.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What makes Finland stand out as the leading country in education?
  • Why did Finland decide to transform the education?
  • What did Finland change in its education system?
  • How to learn from Finland's education transform?

Save the date and get answers right here! Join the webinar on November 29th, 17.00 EEST in here http://bit.ly/kouluweb-nov2016 with KOULU Group’s Director - Education Services, Ms. Satu Järvinen.

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