Biennales & Triennales

ADEA's Biennales and Triennales Meetings bring together African Ministers of Education, representatives of development agencies, researchers and other education professionals in a professional environment intended to promote frank and open discussion. Meetings focus on a theme related to education policy.

14 March 2017 (All day) to 17 March 2017 (All day) Dakar, Senegal

Triennale 2017

Revitalizing education towards the 2030 Global Agenda and Africa’s Agenda 2063
12 February 2012 (All day) to 17 February 2012 (All day) Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Triennale 2012

Promoting critical knowledge, skills and qualifications for sustainable development in Africa: How to design and implement an effective response by education and training systems
5 May 2008 (All day) to 9 May 2008 (All day) Maputo, Mozambique

Biennale 2008

Beyond Primary Education: Challenges of and Approaches to Expanding Learning Opportunities in Africa
27 March 2006 (All day) to 31 March 2006 (All day) Libreville, Gabon

Biennale 2006

Characteristics, Conditions and Factors underlying Effective Schools and Literacy and Early Childhood Development Programs
3 December 2003 (All day) to 6 December 2003 (All day) Grand Baie, Mauritius

Biennale 2003

The Quest for Quality: Learning from the African Experience
7 October 2001 (All day) to 11 October 2001 (All day) Arusha, Tanzania, United Republic of

Biennale 2001

Reaching Out, Reaching All: Sustaining Effective Policy and Practice for Education in Africa
5 December 1999 (All day) to 9 December 1999 (All day) Johannesburg, South Africa

Biennale 1999

What Works and What's New in Education: Africa Speaks!
14 October 1997 (All day) to 18 October 1997 (All day) Dakar, Senegal

Biennale 1997

Partnerships for Capacity Building and Quality Improvements in Education
18 October 1995 (All day) to 22 October 1995 (All day) Tours, France

Biennale 1995

Formulating Educational Policy in sub-Subsaharan Africa
22 October 1993 (All day) to 24 October 1993 (All day) Angers, France

Biennale 1993

Improving the Implementation of Education Projects in Africa Through Ownership