2nd International Congress on Education, Innovation and Learning Technologies

21 September 2015 to 23 September 2015
Kingdom of Spain

The International Congress on Education, Innovation and Learning Technologies is organized by academics and researchers belonging to different scientific areas of the C3i/Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre (Portugal) and the University of Extremadura (Spain) with the technical support of ScienceKNOW Conferences. 

The event has the objective of creating an international forum for academics, researchers and scientists from worldwide to discuss worldwide results and proposals regarding to the soundest issues related to Education, Innovation and Learning Technologies. 

The conference topics are the following:


  • New psicopedagogic paradigms
  • New tools for teaching
  • Multilingual education
  • Education for all
  • Learning for employment
  • Mobility in education
  • Educational policies and strategies
  • Tutoring
  • Technologic informatics in teaching
  • Learning focused on the acquisition of competencies and skills assessment


Innovation and Learning Technologies:

  • Platforms and environments for learning
  • uLearning
  • Learning analytics
  • Autonomous learning
  • Cooperative learning
  • Learning and competitiveness
  • Learning and videogames
  • Technologic educative ecosystems
  • I+D+i indicators in educative innovation and quality
  • Virtual labs
  • E-Learning
  • Emerging technologies in training and learning
  • Web 2.0/3.0 in learning (social nets, semantics…)
  • Relations between society/organizations and cybernetics/cyber-technologies.
  • Information Society Technologies
  • Impact of informatics and cybernetics on societies and cultures
  • Best practices in multimedia-based education
  • Technology-moderated training approaches
  • Social impact of technology-driven education

Engineering Education:

  • Mechatronics
  • Embedded systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Design in ICT and/or engineering practice
  • Innovative ICT and/or engineering approaches
  • The efficacy of engineering, design and technology projects
  • Agile methods in competitive systems development
  • Engineering, design and technology for developing countries
  • Impact of globalization in engineering education
  • Current trends and global perspectives in engineering and technology education
  • Cooperation in education engineering between universities and Industry
  • Role of engineering education in sustainable development
  • Globalization and universities
  • New framework for engineering education
  • Knowledge, competencies and skills in engineering education
  • International mobility (engineers, faculty, students and members of organizations)
  • Engineering programs recognition/accreditation
  • International cooperation in ICT and/or engineering education
  • Engineering education in the information age
  • Modes and methods in ICT and/or engineering education

This event will include the participation of renowned keynote speakers, oral presentations, posters sessions and technical conferences related to the topics dealt with in the Scientific Program as well as an attractive social and cultural program. 

The papers will be published in the Proceedings e-book. Those communications considered of having enough quality can be further considered for publication in International Journals. At the authors' choice, those works not suitable for publication in any of the congress journals, will be published in an Extended Abstracts book of the International Congress on Education, Innovation and Learning Technologies, once the event has finished. 

The Conference will also have a space for companies and/or institutions to present their products, services, innovations and research results. If you or your company are interested in participating of this exhibition, please contact the Technical Secretariat here.