World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) 2014: "Imagine–Create–Learn: Creativity at the Heart of Education"

4 November 2014 to 6 November 2014

The WISE summit will bring together decision makers, influential experts and practitioners to explore groundbreaking innovations and take concrete steps to make significant improvements to worldwide education. The annual World Innovation Summit for Education is the premier international platform dedicated to innovation and creative action in education where top decision-makers share insights with on-the-ground practitioners and collaborate to rethink education. 

The theme for 2014 is "Imagine – Create – Learn: Creativity at the Heart of Education".

The three-day Summit offers a convivial environment for interactive discussions with speakers, experts and members from the WISE Community. Attendees are given an opportunity to collaborate, share best practices and challenge their thinking during interactive Plenary Sessions and Debates. Focus Sessions highlight innovative practices or projects, along with Workshops to facilitate collaboration on specific issues. Guests connect with members of the WISE Community, including the holders of WISE Awards winning projects and Learners' Voice student delegates.

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