Meeting of the Partners in development of education in Africa: "Mapping of the stakeholders in the domain of education in Africa"

15 January 2014
AU Headquarter, Addis Ababa
Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Organised by the African Union (AU) – Department of Human Resources, Science and Technology (HRST)

Due to the various challenges in the sector, we must carry out a mapping of all the stakeholders in the domain of education in Africa: At the multilateral level; At the bilateral level; At the regional level and At the national level:

- Who is who?

- What do they do?

One partner has got particular experience in one country: We would like to know how it works, why it works and how to share this experience with other countries.

Various partnerships exist around the world, the continent and the regions that technically and financially support developing countries in the area of education. Meanwhile, there are some countries that are not supported or receive very little support.

- How to define or animate a directory,
- For instance, how to collect statistics in order to get them relevant and viable for all.

For this very first meeting which aims at ensuring prior awareness, we wished to call on or mobilise only the most renowned and visible big or small partners who are represented in Addis Ababa. If we can agree on the following issues we will have completed our roadmap:

- Reach a consensus on the idea or process

- Define a methodology

- Create a web under a domino effect that will overlap

- Consider the conditions for the organization of the first general meeting in April 2014 in Yaounde in the margins of COMEDAF meeting.

A kind of showcase (fair) of the stakeholders involved in all the sectors: Teachers training, Infrastructure and equipment, Teaching materials, Text books, ICTs, Funding, etc…