Inter-Country Quality Node on Teaching and Learning (ICQN-TL)

What is the ICQN-TL?

The ICQN on Teaching and Learning (ICQN-TL) is an intergovernmental forum for policy dialogue and collaborative action among African Ministers of Education and strategic partners for advancing quality teaching and learning in their countries and in Africa. The collaborative approach and networking will support the exchange of knowledge on concepts, research findings and capacity building to respond to the varying contexts in which teaching and learning programs are implemented.

The Government of Rwanda has expressed interest and commitment to champion and lead ICQN-TL. It should be noted that Rwanda has been selected among the Fifteen Learning Champions to convene stakeholders, diagnose the quality of assessment systems and assess the necessary technical and financial resources required to improve learning measurement and outcomes.

Objectives of the ICQN TL

The overall objective of the ICQN is to support ministers of education to take the lead in developing and implementing policies and strategies for effective teaching and learning in Africa. The ICQN will focus on teachers' professional development and other areas of learning related to the continuum of education (curriculum, teaching and learning materials and measurement of learning outcomes).

Specific objectives will include the following:

  • Addressing the issue of teacher quality
  • Promoting the integration of ICT into teaching and learning
  • Promoting appropriate learner assessment approaches to ensure quality learning and teaching
  • Accumulating information on innovative educational experiences in Africa and working with a group of countries in the region to apply these experiences to their national contexts.

ADEA will support the government of Rwanda in the launch of the ICQN as well as during the post-launch stabilization process, which will involve putting in place relevant governing structures and the development of a strategic plan to guide the ICQN’s work. The ICQNs on Peace Education and Mathematics and Science Education, both led by Kenya, hosted three senior Ministry officials from Rwanda to learn from the experience of these ICQNs, as part of the leadership preparation process.

How to contact the ICQN-TL


Ministry of Education
Kigali, Rwanda


Dr. Alphonse Sebaganwa
Coordinator of the Inter-Country Quality Node on Teaching and Learning (ICQN-TL) and the Network for African Learning Assessment (NALA)
Ministry of Education
Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: +250 785137690
E-mail: [email protected]