ADEA Information and Knowledge Systems

Databases and Statistical Profiles
ADEA Profile: Database on ADEA activities.(CD-Rom)
ADEA has recently updated and improved the compilation of information on its working groups and programs in 48 sub-Saharan African countries. This database contains information on more than 800 activities, including their results and lessons learned. Profile also lists over 300 references, of which over 200 can be consulted in electronic format. Beneficiary countries can also be consulted by activity as well as through the names and roles of agencies/organizations associated with ADEA. Profile also contains the names and addresses of nearly 1500 contacts from more than 500 organizations/agencies/African ministries of education who participate directly or indirectly in ADEA activities.

ADEA Prisme
ADEA PRISME 2006.Program and Project Information System on Education ( CD-ROM) 
ADEA Secretariat, 2006. ISBN: 92-9178-067-7. Also exists in French .
ADEA PRISME contains information on education projects in sub-Saharan African countries. This descriptive database contains information from 27 funding agencies covering more than 1800 projects in 48 countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The database was originally designed to foster greater coordination among funding organizations. PRISME 2006 can be consulted through a user friendly, interactive program, running under Windows 95 and above. It is an updated version of the data contained in PRISME 2000 (ADEA Prisme 2000 - Program and Project Information System on Education (CD-ROM and User's Guide), ADEA, 2002. ISBN: 92-9178-034-0.

Statistical Profile of Education in Sub-Saharan Africa 
CD-ROM and User's Guide, Version 2
ADEA Secretariat, 1999. ISBN: 92-9178-010-3.
Also exists in French.
SPESSA is an interactive database of statistics contained in the ADEA Statistical Profile [see below], along with demographic and economic indicators. SPESSA allows for the creation of graphics comparing data across countries over time. Data and graphics can be copied into other Windows and non-Windows applications using the Windows clipboard. Data sets can be downloaded into formats compatible with most word processing and spreadsheet programs.