ADEA and GESCI partner to extend the African Leadership in ICT program to West African francophone countries

ADEA is partnering with GESCI to extend African Leadership in ICT (ALICT) program in francophone African countries.

The joint activity is conducted within the framework of an MoU between ADEA and GESCI whereupon the two organizations have agreed to work together to help African Education and training systems develop their capacity to integrate ICTs and serve the continent’s sustainable development. 

ADEA is providing the research and knowledge needed in order for GESCI to be able to develop and implement the ALICT program in francophone countries (Côte d’Ivoire, Niger and Senegal).

ALICT is a capacity building and awareness raising program on issues of the Knowledge Society (KS), ICT, Science and Technology and Innovations targeting African Leaders. It was developed to advance Knowledge Society in Africa and support the African Union Commission action Plan and the European Union-Africa Strategic Partnership 8th on Science, Information Society and Space. Phase 1 of the ALICT program focused on leadership capacity building in Eastern and Southern Africa.

GESCI was established by the UN ICT Task Force in 2004. GESCI’s mandate  is to provide capacity building and technical and strategic advice to countries seeking to harness the potential of ICTs to increase access to, and to improve, the quality and effectiveness of education (formal and vocational training) within the context of developing knowledge societies.