ADEA and the African Union Commission renew Memorandum of Understanding

March 25, the African Union Commission and ADEA renewed the Memorandum of Understanding initially signed in 2008.

An Official Ceremony for the Signing of the MoU was organized at the African Development Bank (AfDB) in Tunis, ADEA’s host institution. Attending the Ceremony were the Commissioner of Human resources, Science and Technology of the Africa Union, Hon. Martial De Paul Ikounga, ADEA’s Officer in Charge, Mr. Hamidou Boukary, and, representing the Vice President, OSVP of the AfDB, Mr. Sering Jallow, Special adviser of the VP.

In the Memorandum of Understanding, the AUC and ADEA agree to cooperate in all the areas pertaining to the development of education in Africa, in the seven areas of focus of the AU’s Second Decade for Education in Africa Plan of Action.

The seven focus areas are:
•    Gender and Culture;
•    Education Management Information Systems;
•    Teacher Development;
•    Higher Education;
•    Technical and Vocational Education and Training;
•    Curriculum development and related issues of teaching and learning materials;
•    Quality Management.

The AUC and ADEA agree to work through the following strategies:
•    Promotion of continental and regional policy dialogue on education; Strengthening of partnerships and networks between educational institutions and stakeholders;
•    Building the technical and institutional capacity of ministries, institutions and education professionals;
•    Commissioning research on promising, innovative and effective education policies and experiences;
•    Advocacy for the transformation considered necessary for educational development.

The initial MoU signed in 2008 to enhance implementation of the AU’s Second Decade of Education Plan of Action (2006-2015). ADEA has been a major actor, supporting implementation of the PoA in several areas:
•    ADEA’s Working Group on the Education Management and Policy Support (WGEMPS) has developed indicators to measure progress made in the AU’s 7 priority areas for education. It also produces the regional and continental AU Outlook reports, which are presented to at the COMEDAF meetings every year;
•    ADEA’s Working Group on Higher Education (WGHE) has contributed to implement the Pan –African University;
•    ADEA’s Working group on Mathematics and Science (WGMSE) and CEMASTEA are helping implement PACTED in the areas of mathematics and science;
•    Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Non-Formal Education are areas which have become additional priority areas for the AUC, as a result of discussions with ADEA, through its Working Groups in these areas.

For more information contact Thanh-Hoa Desruelles, External Relations and Communication Officer, ADEA, [email protected]

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