WGEMPS facilitates EMIS Peer review in Mozambique

August 18-22, 2014, a team from ADEA's Working Group on Education Management and Policy Support (WGEMPS) will facilitate a Peer Review of the Education Management Information Systems (EMIS) of the Ministry of Education of Mozambique... The purpose of this exercise is to review Mozambique’s EMIS using the Southern African Development Community (SADC) EMIS Norms and Standards Assessment Framework. In preparation for the Peer Review, the Ministry of Education in Mozambique has already conducted a national assessment of its EMIS using the SADC Framework and produced a report.

This peer review is the second of its kind in the SADC region following a similar exercise that was conducted in Swaziland in November 2013.  Officials from the Ministries of Education of Angola, Swaziland and Zambia will be participating in the Peer Review, which will take place in Maputo.

Expected outputs of the Peer Review are a Peer Review report and a national three-year action plan to address the Ministry's challenges. It is also expected that participating representatives from the three other SADC member states will benefit from the process and use the experience gained to improve EMIS in their home countries. The exercise is being sponsored by GIZ Backup.

Reversing the phenomenon of data blanks in the education sector is a priority of the African Union and the SADC Secretariat. It is through exercises such as these that ADEA WGEMPS hopes to help SADC member states develop capacity and a heightened awareness of best practice in EMIS.

For more information please contact Ms. Angela Arnott, Coordinator, WGEMPS, [email protected]