WGNFE participates in launching of Web Edu TV

The educational website Web Edu TV was launched in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, on January 30, 2014. ADEA was represented at the launch ceremony by its Working Group on Non-Formal Education (WGNFE).
This not-for-profit project, supported among others by the Swiss cooperation agency, is designed for educational professional, researchers, decision-makers, and all persons interested in education in Africa. Web Edu TV will post online some 20 educational news stories and documentaries based on field observations, documentary research and analyses by established experts.
Designed to allow “voices of the South” to be heard in both the North and the South, and thus to ensure that stakeholders who are rarely asked to contribute to discussions on education policy will be able to express their views, this website will also reflect “the discrepancy between words and deeds in the complex development process of African countries”.
Web Edu TV covers topics such as educational quality and access to education, families and their relationship with schools, types of schools and learning, and the day-to-day experience of teachers and pupils in the schools of sub-Saharan Africa.

For further information, please contact: www.web-edu.tv/