WGNFE takes part in the launch of the 2014 Special Campaign on Literacy in Burkina Faso

As part of the combat against illiteracy and in favour of development, Burkina Faso has developed a Special Campaign on Literacy (CSA) which can serve as a model for the whole of sub-Saharan Africa due to its effectiveness and innovative character. Indeed, the 2012-2013 campaign made it possible to reach out to 124,000 new registered members, effectively promote the literacy of 95,000 young people and adults, including 81,000 women, run 49,059 centres and provide work for 560 operatives, most of them young people from local communities.

As part of the partnership to be developed and maintained with working group host countries, the WGNFE has been associated with the various inception and launch phases for this programme. The most recent relates to its participation in the launch ceremonies for the Special Campaign in 2014 which took place in Fada, capital of the celebrated Kingdom of Gourma, famous for its resistance to colonial invasion. The theme of the new campaign is “The role of implementing actors and partners in the process of acceleration of literacy in Burkina Faso”.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of political, customary and administrative organisations at the highest level. The WGNFE was represented by its coordinator and its manager.

The Special Campaign is intended to reinforce the activities of Burkina Faso’s national literacy programme (PRONAA) by initiating new strategies for the eradication of illiteracy in all the country’s local communities.