ADEA News Briefs, January 2014

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Dear members and partners and other esteemed readers,

This is the second edition of the revived ADEA News Briefs. We are happy that the first edition published in November was well received and we thank those who have sent their comments and feedback.

We trust that you have also received the ADEA Newsletter, Volume 21, Number 1 (January-March 2014), which summarizes lessons learned from ADEA’s Triennale on “Critical knowledge, skills and qualifications for Africa’s sustainable development” and reports on what ADEA has done since the event to implement the Triennale’s recommendations.

With these two revived communication tools – The News Briefs and the ADEA Newsletter – ADEA hopes to achieve the following:

  • Through ADEA’s News Briefs: Keep abreast its members and partners of ADEA’s ongoing activities and programs. The News briefs will be issued on a monthly basis.
  • Through The ADEA Newsletter: Report on lessons learned in a domain explored by ADEA. The ADEA Newsletter is a quarterly publication. The next issue (April-June 2014) will focus on the Integration of ICTs in Education
  • Strengthen our bond with our members and partners, with the aim of increasing our interaction and collaboration with them
  • Arouse interest in ADEA from new actors and stakeholders and ADEA’s interaction with them. The present New Briefs carry news and information on activities and developments within ADEA since November 2013

We encourage our readers to communicate their views and provide us with regular feedback on the issues that feature in the News Briefs and in the ADEA Newsletter.

Enjoy your reading!


The ADEA Secretariat
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