Africa Learning Together - Implementing the Child-Centered Methodology in the Catch-Up Program in Zambia

In the first edition of the ADEA Africa Learning Together (ALT) Knowledge series published in March 2023, we delved into the unique implementation of the Catch-Up program in Zambia. This program, a modified version of the Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) methodology, is being implemented in Zambia with resounding successes. Unlike traditional methods, catch-up targets learners from Grades 3 to Grade 5 and groups them according to their levels of literacy and numeracy instead of their age or grade, providing instruction tailored to the learners’ ability.

In our January edition of the ADEA Africa Learning Together knowledge series, we recorded a podcast with colleagues from the Ministry of Education Zambia and the VVoB Country Office in Zambia. The podcast with Mrs. Faith Mwamba and Mr. Charles Zulu discussed experiences and insights on implementing the child-centered approach of the Catch-Up program.

This lessons learning document provides a comprehensive summary of the learner-centered approach, a contributing factor to the success of the Catch-Up program and improving learning outcomes. By emphasizing the benefits of this approach, we aim to provide valuable insights for educators, policymakers, and researchers interested in literacy and numeracy interventions in African countries.