Alternative Financing Mechanisms for TVSD in Africa: The Case of Kenya, Rwanda, and The Gambia

This report offers a comprehensive, evidence-based analysis of recent, current, and ongoing mechanisms for Technical and Vocational Skills Development (TVSD) financing in Kenya, Rwanda, and the Gambia It also examines the role of the private sector, particularly in the context of emerging national reforms and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
To meet the study's objectives, the following key questions were explored:
  1. Scope: Do existing vocational training funding methods focus solely on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), or do they also include TVSD?
  2. Diversification: What are the various funding mechanisms for TVSD in Africa, and what successful examples exist?
  3. Involvement: What is the nature and role of the private sector in these funding strategies?
  4. Incentivization: What incentives are provided by the government to promote TVSD?
  5. Innovation: Considering the impact of COVID-19, what are the most innovative and resilient technical, financial, and operational mechanisms?
This analysis aims to provide insights into effective strategies and practices for enhancing TVSD financing in the selected regions.