Synthesis Report on the use of ICT in Education and Remote Learning during Crises

This study, commissioned by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the African Development Bank (AfDB), aims to assess the status and capacities of 34 African member countries of the IsDB and AfDB on the use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in education and remote learning during the crisis and the required investment in digital transformation. Anchoring the process will be the review of the state of preparation of the study countries in support of ICT use in education. The target countries are at different levels, including political and strategic (the policy and legal environment), pedagogical (curriculum reforms, teacher training and continuing professional development), organizational (structure and governance, ICT, and digital transformation), and ICT expenditure levels. The study covers basic and secondary education, technical and vocational education, and training (TVET), and higher education, providing insights into the investments required to harness the potentials of digital technologies in enhancing learning continuity and to addressing the digital divide of the selected countries in Africa.