1ère Conférence sur l'éducation en Afrique de l'Est - EAEC 2015

14 Avril 2015 - 15 Avril 2015

1ère Conférence sur l'éducation en Afrique de l'Est - EAEC 2015, une initiative de collaboration inclusive à l'échelle régionale impliquant les éducateurs, les consultants, les fournisseurs de services et les organisations à tous les niveaux.

Held under a timely theme "Educate to Influence the Future" EAEF will challenge participants to view education in new ways. Africa as whole has for years grappled with the issues of quantity and quality of education at all levels with issues becoming more complex as one moves from secondary and tertiary levels. This free by invite only 3 day event is designed to significantly increase opportunities for connecting all private and public stakeholders in the education system as a strategy for strengthening the capacity of education institutions in the region to not only meet the emerging educational needs but also economic needs.

The program will include plenary sessions, expert presentations, thematic grouped presentations and workshops. More relaxed sessions including café sessions and posters have been developed to foster more interaction between attendees. For educators around the region having a source of ideas, information and advice is crucial. The EAEF 2015 has been developed to provide exactly this, offering a rich programme of continuing professional development.