A comparative study on the role of digital media and print media in enhancing literacy and reading culture in Africa

This report was commissioned to examine the general context of literacy and reading culture in Africa while focusing on the contribution of printed books and digital materials. It explores their challenges and suggests interventions that optimize reading of printed books and digital content to improve literacy for a better reading culture in Africa both in international and national languages.

The report recommends that since technology will not replace reading in the near future, it is imperative to use the technology to enhance it. Reading on paper will always remain important and enjoyable and this means that the printed book will never lose its value and importance. It is fundamental that parents, teachers and other stakeholders come together to cultivate and nurture a love of reading especially among children and assist in making reading a lifetime habit. Publishing houses are encouraged to keep up with technological developments and produce content that meets the needs of readers, specifically addressing their everchanging demands while harnessing the value of printed books.