Safe and Happy - An Interactive Dialogue Book on Prevention and Management of Emerging forms of Violence Among Children

Hello Learners 

Iam glad to introduce you to this interactive dialogue book. The book will give you an opportunity to gain new information that will help you resolve conflicts peacefully and protect yourself from abuse and violence. 

A trained peer educator will help you understand the activities in the book. If you come across something you do not understand, always ask your teacher or a trusted adult to help you understand it better. 

For us to protect ourselves from violence, we need to understand new forms of emerging violence, especially those against children. It is therefore important to report any form of violence or abuse against you or other children in school to your teachers, parents/guardians or another person you trust. 

Stay safe and be peaceful! 

Dr Belio R. Kipsang, CBS 
Principal Secretary 
State Department of Basic Education, Kenya