Education Finance in Egypt

The Egypt study by the Education and Finance Working Group of CODESRIA provides a three-part well documented in-depth analysis of the financing of all levels of education of Egypt. Part I of the study highlights the economic, social, and political context of education, presents a historical perspective on the various educational policies formulated and implemented under the different regimes that ruled Egypt from the beginning of the 19th century till the liberalization and privatization era of the early 1970s, provides an in-depth account of education finance, budgetary procedures at the local educational directorates, underscores issues plaguing the financing of education, and suggests solutions for the improvement of educational finance in Egypt. Part II presents a monograph that analyzes teachers' wages and suggests alternatives to alleviate their negative impact. Part III is a reporting on the operations related to the construction and the management of school buildings with a special emphasis on their costs.

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