Learner-centered processes and approaches : the connection between non-formal education and creating a literate environment

This paper is based on 20 years' experience in the design and creation of approaches to education and adult literacy in African languages in Francophone West Africa. In recent years, our thinking about literacy has gone far beyond the simple desire to eradicate illiteracy. Rather, educators have sought to create a literate environment based on the principle of continuing education and the creation of learning societies. The paper examines this fundamental issue, drawing on the experience of a linguistic community - pulaar (fulfulde) speakers in Senegal - who readily agreed to participate in literacy programs with the deliberate aim of strengthening both their language and their culture. The paper also takes into account the overall context of West Africa, examining among other things the ""faire-faire"" programs adopted by most countries

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More and Better Education:Wht makes effective learning in schools, in literacy and ECD programs?
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