Status of BEAP Implementation: Responding to the Kigali Call for Action - case studies from 3 countries

framework (BEAP) was developed to guide African countries in undertaking comprehensive and holistic basic education reforms, creating an organic link between basic and post-basic education as well as provides a space for diverse partners to contribute towards the reforms.Some African countries have adopted BEAP-type basic education system reforms before and since Kigali using various stated priorities including access and equity, quality, curriculum and teacher training. An increasing number of countries have expressed the desire to undertake basic education system reforms but unable to do so due to a number of challenges including financial and capacity limitations as well as insufficient understanding of the operationalisation of BEAP on the ground. The case studies present experiences from three (3) countries that have adopted BEAP and are in the process of operationalising it. While it is too early to expect the impacts of BEAP-type reforms, there are experiences in reforming basic education systems from the case study countries that could be useful to share with other countries that may be planning to undertake such reforms.

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Promoting critical knowledge, skills and qualifications for sustainable development in Africa:How to design and implement an effective response through education and training systems?
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