Analyses, Agendas and Priorities for Education in Africa, A Review of Externally Initiated, Commissioned and Supported Studies of Education in Africa, 1990-1994

With the increased emphasis on sector program and policy support as opposed to project-focused aid, sector studies have become an essential basis for education policy formulation in Africa. However, the quality, relevance, and utility of these analyses, as well as their limited circulation among interested parties has become a cause for concern. This document was developed to provide an overview of the state of education sector analysis in Africa. It provides an analytical overview of the studies, highlights the similarities and differences, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of 104 studies. It summarizes 237 sector/subsector studies undertaken by a wide range of national, international and multi-national institutions. A succinct description of the major focus, findings and recommendations of each report is provided., eng

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