Reintegration by community apprenticeship. The RAC project in Congo

This paper reports on the experience acquired in Congo in terms of strategies for reintegrating de socialized youths who have dropped out of the educational system in post-war Congo-Brazzaville.How might it be possible to wipe out the traces of the sad events which have so deeply affected the young people in this country? In response to this question,the Ministry of Technical and Vocational Education has provided one ofthe levers required by launching and implementing a community educationalrehabilitation project, the RAC project.To provide youths who are aimless and uneducated and psychologically, sociallyand economically distressed with new hopes and a meaning to life, the RACproject is reaching out to those who have been left to their own devices.In parallel with the formal institutional system of education, the RAC projecthas called on local collectivities, partners, NGOs and craftsmen to participateactively in a kind of alternance training scheme: this scheme is based on anapproach involving both formal and informal learning, while contributing atthe same time to the socio-economic development of rural regions.The dual nature of this project, which is its strength, is also the reason why itis likely to succeed, because it promotes youth transition to work not only inurban areas, but also favours local development in rural parts of the country.To be able to continue running this project, it will be necessary to answer thequestions raised here about the legal framework and the traceability of the human,physical and financial investments required.

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