Decentralization, management of diversity and curriculum renovation: A study of literacy education in four African countries (Botswana, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda)

This is a situational study of literacy education provision in four sub-Saharan African countries (Kenya, Uganda, South Africa and Botswana) that focuses on the decentralization of programme management (particularly in relation to policies, planning, implementation strategies, curriculum and practices) to meet the diversity of language, culture and contextual requirements in these countries. It describes the literacy situation and various forms of provision by the state and civil society, as well as education policies, strategies and practices. It assesses the likely impact of the situation and possibilities for reaching the Education for All literacy goals. Additionally, it focuses on the extent to which decentralization and curriculum renovation respond to learner diversity and needs.

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More and Better Education:Wht makes effective learning in schools, in literacy and ECD programs?
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Session A3
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Stimulating environments for engaging in literacy
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