Post-Independence Reforms to attain UPE in Benin, Cameroon, Guinea and Tanzania and their effects on post-primary education

The post-independence years were marked by the launching of a series of educational reforms designed to instate national sovereignty, correct what had been perceived as defects in the colonial system of education and take up the new challenges which had arisen as the result of the new national status. The reforms in Benin, Cameroon, Guinea and Tanzania. initiatives were three-fold: (i) to really improve the educational supply, (ii) to make education more democratic, and (iii) to develop a new educational approach which would make a break with that applied during the previous period. The implementation of these reforms has had positive effects, including higher rates of school enrolment and less inequality. However, there are still some weaknesses. The analysis of these positive and negative aspects has yielded lessons which should be applied to the ongoing reforms, which are faced with similar situations to those occurring in 1960-70

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Beyond Primary Education: Challenges of and Approaches to Expanding Learning Opportunities in Africa
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