Upcoming Events


Past Events

23 July 2013 to 24 July 2013 Paris, France Third Meeting of the International Steering Group (ISG) for the UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development
16 July 2013 to 19 July 2013 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia The COMEDAF Bureau and The PACTED Meetings
08 July 2013 to 09 July 2013 Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire Seminar of the ICQN/TVSD on National Qualifications Frameworks (NQF)
01 July 2013 to 05 July 2013 Marrakesh, Morocco International Conference on Engineering Education and Research 2013 (iCEER)
10 June 2013 to 11 June 2013 Paris, France UNESCO High-Level Policy Forum on ICT and Education For All: Achievements and the Way Forward
10 June 2013 to 12 June 2013 Liège, Belgium CONFEMEN Bureau Meeting
30 May 2013 Geneva, Switzerland NORRAG Policy Seminar: "Education in Conflict Emergencies in the Context of the post-2015 MDG and EFA Agendas"
29 May 2013 to 31 May 2013 Safari Conference Centre -Windhoek, Namibia 8th eLearning Africa conference - eLearning 2013 - the key networking event for developing eLearning capacities in Africa
28 May 2013 to 31 May 2013 Libreville, Gabon 13th General Conference of the Association of African Universities (AAU)
27 May 2013 to 31 May 2013 Marrakech, Morocco AfDB Annual Meetings 2013 : "Africa's Structural Transformation"
23 May 2013 Brussels, Belgium From Challenges to Opportunities - EU High Level Conference on Education and Development
15 May 2013 to 17 May 2013 Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire Workshop on the Master Plan of Information Technology and Communication of the Ministry of Education and Technical Education
13 May 2013 to 15 May 2013 Sèvres, France 38th Session of the ADEA Steering Committee
13 May 2013 to 15 May 2013 Barcelone, Spain The 6th International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education: "Let's build transformative knowledge to drive social change"
02 May 2013 to 04 May 2013 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Inter-Ministerial Conference of the Inter-Country Quality Node on Literacy and National Languages
02 May 2013 Tunis, Tunisia 2nd Preparatory Meeting of the African Ministerial Forum on Integration of ICT in Education and Training
22 April 2013 to 23 April 2013 Buenos Aires, Argentina IBERTIC Conference and Inauguration
12 December 2012 to 14 December 2012 Sevres, France 37th session of the Steering committee of ADEA
04 December 2012 to 06 December 2012 Naivasha, Kenya Inter-Country Quality Node (ICQN) on Peace Education - Workshop "Fostering a community of practice in Africa to promote peace through education"
03 December 2012 to 04 December 2012 Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire Meeting of the ICQN / TVSD Working Group on Youth Integration