The Elimu-Soko initiative, an innovative case study demonstrating the potential of government-led educational innovation

Non-state actors contribute policies and innovations that improve education outcomes. Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and South America are replete with evidence of initiatives introduced by non-state actors to boost learning outcomes. But for any initiative to take root, scale, and grow, it must be integrated into existing government policy efforts. However, all too often, resource constraints stifle the scaling of the brilliant initiatives that could address education challenges in Africa, and play on the margins of formal systems.  

In this podcast, Casper Thulstrup and Chinedu Anarado reviewed the successes of the Elimu Soko Initiative in Rwanda as a good example of how non-state initiatives can fit into national education systems, thus enhancing their chances of success and scaling. The podcast fits into ADEA’s ‘Africa Learning Together’ knowledge management series, where we try to capture insights, lessons, cases, and examples of successful education initiatives that we can share with other countries on the continent.