The Redeployment of Teachers in Guinea

The report describes how Guinea carried out the redeployment of its teaching staff between 1992 and 1993, drawing attention to the social and political aspects of this aspect of adjustment. Topics covered include: the reasons behind the reform; its objectives; the contextual factors; the strategies used; the key factors of success; and lessons learned. As a result of this experience, significant efficiencies were developed that led to increased enrollments in both urban and rural schools without increased costs.The author, Alamah Condé, is Assistant Inspector-General in the Ministry of Pre-University Education and Vocational Training of Guinea., eng; eThis series presents positive results obtained in African education systems. It provides an opportunity for the African community to share experiences and benefit from the successes. Each publication highlights the critical elements that have enabled countries to overcome specific problems. The documents are written by national authors who were closely involved in the experiences., eng

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Successful Experience Series
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