ERNWACA International Colloquium

2 March 2015 to 3 March 2015
Republic of Mali

Organized by the Executive Secretariat of ERNWACA, the colloquium is a component of the implementation process of the network’s strategic plan. Its objective is to share the findings of the research works carried out by the network, on one hand, and to give an opportunity to other organizations to share theirs, on the other. The interactive activities of the colloquium should lead to a capitalization of experiences and realities susceptible of solving socio-educational and economic problems confronted by our societies today. 

Initially scheduled to take place from the 8th to 9th December 2014, the colloquium was postponed due to the Ebola virus hemorrhagic fever outbreak in some of the network member countries. Sequel to our recent consultations with Malian authorities, the colloquium is now scheduled to take place the 2nd to 3rd march 2015.

Initially, a concept note and a request for proposals (summaries of the communications to be made at the colloquium), were posted on ERNWACA’s website. This was followed by the shortlisting of the received proposals, then their evaluation and the final selection by the network’s Regional Scientific Committee (RSC). 52 out of the 92 proposals received were shortlisted. After submission of the full proposals by candidates, 21 were finally validated and selected and in addition, 3 reports of the Grants Programme, 2013 edition. To create synergy of actions and strengthen our experience sharing mechanisms, a number of scientific partners were also invited to make their own communications. 

During the event, a series of activities will be undertaken : roundtables, workshops and a conference. These will be preceded by an opening ceremony, and ended by a closing ceremony. In between sessions, printed and audiovisual documents will be displayed.

The roundtables will focus on general reflections in relation to the general theme of the colloquium. Five roundtables will be held, during which 4 to 6 communications will be made. These will be preceded by introductory presentations and the themes of which will be chosen by the authors. 

Apart from the 3 communications on the findings of the 2013 edition of ERNWACA Grants programme, all the communications are selected from the list of the validated and selected proposals. 3 workshops will be held, during which 3 to 6 communications will be made. These activities will be facilitated by 9 people : 4 moderators and 5 rapporteurs. 

Alongside the workshop, a consultation meeting will be held between the senior management of ERNWACA and the Ministers in charge of education. The date and time of this consultation will be communicated later.

In view of the above, on behalf of the Chairman of its Board of Directors, Professor Ajibade Kasali ADEGOKE, ERNWACA wishes to thank all the partners (SDC, WAEMU, SIDA, the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the Malian government) and all those who in one way or the other have contributed to the realisation of this event. ERNWACA also wishes to welcome all participants and solicit their excellent contributions to the activities of the colloquium.